Brno.AI – Meetup #03

Are you a fan of artificial intelligence and its development in the #brnoregion? Well, so are we! That’s why we have come together and created this platform Brno.AI. You are sincerely welcome to our Meetup concept that connects local researchers, specialists, professionals, firms, and the public community interested in artificial intelligence.

Join us at our Meetup #3, where the registered applicants will be introduced in the form of a quick introduction, presenting themselves and their projects, followed by the exciting discourse of the speakers.

If you are interested in talking to and connecting with AI professionals, join us on Tuesday, March 16, 2021, at 4 PM online.


  • Petr Chmelar (GreyCortex) | Security Monitoring of Critical Infrastructure and Healthcare: GREYCORTEX has monitored the situation in the Czech Republic, where at least 23 campaigns targeted more than ten hospitals. This included also the second largest hospital and COVID-19 test center – Brno University Hospital that was forced to shut down its entire IT network and cease or limit its services for more than two weeks. The presentation will give you an idea on lessons learned and how to prevent it in the future using AI.
  • Aleš Pernikář (Y Soft Corporation) | AI-powered Computer vision for Robotic QA: I would like to present the evolution of robotic quality assurance (RQA) systems powered by AI and how it revolutionizes automated quality assurance in Y Soft. I will go through how it all started, the main problems we encountered, where we are today and where we are heading next. Would you like to know more about how AI can significantly simplify image recognition tasks? Come to hear how we are innovating the testing of embedded devices used with Y Soft SafeQ through modern technologies including machine learning, computer vision and robotics.
  • introduction of participants (each participant can introduce yourself within 2-3 minutes)
    • Pavel Dvořák (Konica Minolta)
    • Jan Červinka (MoroSystems)
    • Hana Rudová (Masaryk University)
    • Jan Rygl (AI check, s.r.o.)
    • Ivan Nečas (Red Hat)
    • Stephen O’Regan (United States Embassy)
    • Michal Štipl (PatentEnter)
    • Alice Soukupová (ReloCzech)
    • Daniel Kvak (VAIBE Technology s.r.o.)
    • Jakub Mareček (ČEZ a.s.)

The program is subject to change.

Why to participate

  • become part of the developing community in the field of artificial intelligence
  • get contacts from industry leaders who will help you find suitable partners for cooperation
  • find out what the current topics of research and development at Brno universities are
  • get inspired by other people in the field and take advantage of connections among specialists

You should participate if you are

  • CEOs, managers and other representatives of companies specializing in the application and use of AI
  • representatives of technology companies that offer solutions using AI and AI application
  • students and researchers / PhD students from universities
  • the public, interested in the topic of artificial intelligence

How to participate

You can participate either actively (introduce yourself within 2-3 minutes) or passively, i.e., listen-only. For the active participants, the first 10 registered candidates will be given the opportunity to give a short talk; the others will have the opportunity to introduce themselves at Meetup #4. If you are just interested in listening, register now as a passive participator. All participants will receive the list of all participants after the event.