Ximilar s.r.o.


Use of AI

Research and development
Solution provider


AI / Machine learning
Big data / Analytics / BI / Blockchain
IoT / Industrial IoT
Mobility solutions
Navigation / Localization / GIS
Software development
Vision / Augmented and Virtual Reality / Image recognition / Optics

Target Market

Automotive, transportation and logistics
Creative industries (Media / Entertainment)
Pharma, biotech and healthtech
Smart city and urban mobility
Purkyňova 649/127, 61200 Brno
IČO: 06270743
Ximilar is a software company that helps businesses make better use of image data with AI and Machine Learning. Focusing mainly on computer vision, image recognition, and visual search.
Ximilar is developing a computer vision platform (MLaaS) for building your own custom deep learning models for images. Customers are able to chain and deploy multiple AI models into powerful API on a single click. The system is optimized on Intel Xeon® scalable architecture and uses TensorFlow with OpenVINO technology.
We are providing also one of the most advanced fashion tagging and fashion search service in the market.