AI @ AT&T: AI Lab Brno 12 HR Hackathon

AT&T AI Lab is a fast-paced research & development and innovation unit of experts in both networking and software development technologies, serving as the bridge connecting AT&T’s network and IT. AT&T AI Lab team has generated over 60 patents since 2018, working on projects developing the next generation of AI and OSS technology.


Machine Learning has enabled people to train machines to make smart real-life decisions with little human interaction. As more companies embrace data-based decision making, Machine Learning will inevitably become a part of each of these companies. Whether you are a beginner or expert interested in applying your ML skills, competitive challenges are a great way to learn and put to practice what you have learned in this domain. Join us and apply your skills on real dataset where your ML model would find the lexical and semantic similarities between new data and old ones. Join us to work on a topic of “Text Similarity Detection Via Machine Learning” where you will apply different Natural Language Processing approaches to process the raw text and help the model detect the similarity more swiftly and efficiently. The competition with be among teams of 4 and participants can register either as teams or as individuals. Individual participants will be added to teams by AT&T.





During Hackathon, there will be mentors available from a wide range of experts from AT&T team members to AI experts from the great city of Brno. You will also be able to meet and seek mentor advice from representatives of CZECHINVEST, a state agency for business and investment support, that is offering a technology incubation services and direct financial support for selected technology start ups.


  • 8:00 – 10:00: Introduction, instructions by AT&T experts, hardware set up while breakfast is being served
  • 10:00 – 20:00: Hackathon participants get to work, food and refreshments always available​