Scicake s.r.o.


Use of AI

Research and development
Solution provider


AI / Machine learning
Biotechnology / Health tech
Software development
Speech / NLP / Conversation analysis / Bots
Vision / Augmented and Virtual Reality / Image recognition / Optics

Target Market

Automotive, transportation and logistics
Government / Public Services
Pharma, biotech and healthtech
Příkop 843/4, 60200 Brno
IČO: 17061121
Scicake is a company that specializes in research, development, and data science consulting services and technologies combining rich academic background with vast industry skills. We believe our expertise can help innovative companies leverage the power of data and improve our lives with intelligent and scientifically proven products and services.

We will take your problem statement and propose a complete solution based on state-of-the-art, experimental verification, and best practices. We will provide you with guidance and advisory utilizing our long-lasting expertise in data and computer science projects across various disciplines. And finally, we will design and develop prototypes, modules, and APIs, all the way up to full-scale and production-ready data science applications.