Vrgineers Partners, s.r.o.



Computers and mobile phones devices / Hardware
Digitalization and automation / Robotic process automation
IoT / Industrial IoT
Navigation / Localization / GIS
Vision / Augmented and Virtual Reality / Image recognition / Optics

Target Market

Automotive, transportation and logistics
Creative industries (Media / Entertainment)
Electronics and sensors
Test and measurement instrumentation
Purkyňova 649/127, 61200 Brno
IČO: 06186416
VRgineers se zabyva vyvojem a vyrobou simulacnich technologii na bazi virtualni a mixovane reality, ktere se vyuzivaji k vycviku pilotu. Na poli AI Vrgineers vyvinuly vlastni adaptivni filtry na potlaceni driftu senzorickych dat IMU, eye-tracking s rozpoznavanim velikosti pupily a filtraci artefaktu, nebo real-time rozpoznavani objektu v industrialnich prostorechj na bazi NVIDIA Jetson procesoru.
Vrgineers Inc. is leading a forefront of next-generation simulation technologies. We are virtual and mixed reality experts dedicated to develop the most immersive tools for professionals clients. Our product focus is in delivering training solutions backed by our patented technology and smart features that were developed in a closed cooperation with pilots from all around the world. Having over 50 employees, Vrgineers can deliver complex solutions while maintaining its flexibility and client-centered approach.