Zaitra s.r.o.


Use of AI

Demonstration/Use case
Research and development
Solution provider


AI / Machine learning
Big data / Analytics / BI / Blockchain
IoT / Industrial IoT
Navigation / Localization / GIS
Smart grids / Renewable energy
Software development
Vision / Augmented and Virtual Reality / Image recognition / Optics

Target Market

Government / Public Services
Smart city and urban mobility
Technická 2935/23, 61600 Brno
IČO: 08908508
Zaitra s. r. o. is a software company with capabilities of design, develop, and deploy solutions that combines knowledge from different fields - computer science and space engineering. Through our R&D activities, we utilize AI/ML and DevOps know-how in many sectors like aerospace, defense, energy, infrastructure, healthcare, forestry. However, from our beginning, we focus mainly on activities connected to the space sector where we improve satellite data analyses at all levels - on the ground by online platforms and directly in space by edge device technologies integrated into satellites. Our experts ensure that technology is powered by AI/ML always when it is needed and deployed on edge devices or into the cloud environment.