AI Webinar & Ideathon on Preventive Health Care

Four ideathon style webinars and workshops for Artificial Intelligence Potential in Preventive Healthcare will be organised during October 2022. Pick your date!

Could you and your team come up with a new idea on the use of AI for preventive health care? Keep on reading…

By the initiative of The European Parliament, the DT4Regions network and Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council, four Webinar/workshops for Artificial Intelligence Potential in Preventive Healthcare will be organised. We are looking for new ideas how to use AI for preventive healthcare.

Smart use of AI powered health data contents is a great opportunity to improve public health system efficacy. Especially, allowing improved interoperability between social services interventions data and primary healthcare data there is a possibility to mitigate workload of the personnel as well as improve the quality of care. Sustainable, Connected and AI powered processes can be utilized on various levels of public care and support functions. For preventive healthcare AI can improve the accuracy and quality of treatment, or slower the development of disease or even prevent some health issues occurring.

To find the new solutions for preventive healthcare we need the power of crowds and cocreation. Join the movement, be part of the solution for future health! Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Gather a group of creative people to create ideas for the challenge. The challenge will be announced in the event on October 14, 2022
  2. Join one of the events, or all if you like!
  3. Find a challenge that you and your team would like to take part in. The challenges will be published in the events.
  4. Create ideas together with your team. Fill in the form to submit your idea before 31. 11. 2022. A simple form for idea submissions will open here soon.
  5. Chill and wait. The winners will be announced in a webinar before Christmas. Four winning teams will be awarded with 2.500€ each.

14 October 9.00-11.30 EET At DIAK University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki. The event is hybrid, you can participate in-house or via Teams.





  • 9.00 Welcome to DIAK: Elina Ylikoski, Director of Innovations
  • 9.10 Preventive Health in Healthcare Landscape: Juha Jolkkonen, Director of Helsinki Welfare District.
  • 9.25 Preventive Heathcare, EU Insights. Sirpa Pietikäinen, Member of the European Parliament
  • 9.35 Use of AI in Preventive Healthcare: Harri Tatti, Senior Sales Executive, EMEA Healthcare · Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • 9.55 AI for Wellbeing of Young People; case Zekki, Reija Paananen, Project Manager (Adjunct Professor in Social Medicine) at DIAK.
  • 10.15 Network with nature – the ecosocial perspective to well-being, Sara Peltola, Lecturer University of Jyväskylä, Regional Public Officer Keski Uusimaa Region.
  • 10.30 Launching the Challenge! Q & A
  • 11.00 The event ends

We will recycle ideas, and combine with new ones, during the following sprint series:

  • 25 October 9-11.30 CET Online only, focus in Denmark. Programme TBA
  • 28 October 9-11.30 CET Online only, focus in Sweden. Programme TBA
  • 31 October 9-11.30 CET Online only, focus in Norway. Programme TBA

What is an ideathon? An ideathon is an open innovation event, where bright minds join to produce innovative ideas in a thematic area.

For further information, please contact Cristina Andersson at or Heikki Kallasvaara at

Picture credit: Tuula Palaste