CyberSec&AI Connected 2021

CyberSec&AI Connected 2021

Načítám Akce

Avast in cooperation with The Private AI Collaborative Research Institute, and Czech Technical University in Prague have again joined forces in the field of cyber security and artificial intelligence research.

On November 4-5, 2021, you can look forward to the international CyberSec&AI Connected conference, which will focus on the use of AI and machine learning in matters of security and privacy protection. As in previous years, the event will connect international industry representatives with the academic sphere, and other experts.

Each year the conference addresses the most pressing and challenging issues facing the AI and cybersecurity community – such as the relationship between privacy and AI – and creates a vital and unique bridge between the worlds of industry and academia.

Join us in November and get insights into the latest thinking, research, and case studies in this critical area.