Digital Trustworthiness | Vienna – Linz – Brno – Bratislava

Networking event supporting cross-border research and business cooperation between technology developers and adopters from Austria, Czechia and Slovakia.

Digitalisation of industrial and business processes and the society as a whole poses a huge potential. Trustworthiness of data and digital technologies is a main concern that has to be ensured to leverage these opportunities and minimize risks.

New business models based on sharing of (industrial) data can evolve only if data sharing parties have trust in the technologies used and consequently trust in the data shared via these technologies.

Furthermore, it is mandatory that digital technologies such as AI are shaped in accordance with human values and needs, instead of allowing digital technologies to shape humans.

The focus of the networking event is to outline and discuss existing and future technical solutions, aspects of digital humanism and to initiate cooperations in this technical field.




Why participate?

  • Information: Get to know the latest trends, applicable research results and best practice examples. Find out what funding opportunities are available for your projects.
  • Community building: Initiate new collaborations during pre-arranged round table sessions with 2minute pitches covering your offering and cooperation sought.
  • Targeted networking: Develop new collaborations during one-to-one meetings

Keynote speakers:

What topics will be addressed?

  • Privacy, security and safety
  • Trustworthy and explainable AI
  • Data economy and federated services
  • Digital sovereignty
  • Social media and fake news
  • Web 3.0

Who should participate?

  • Software developers
  • Adopters of trustworthy technologies
  • Suppliers and system integrators
  • Researchers looking for cooperation with companies